Who are we?

Child Labor Free began with our extraordinary founders - education experts with a lifetime of experience in early childhood, health and software development.  

Our journey was born from a startling fact at the heart of our business operation. 

”The toys we sourced for our early childhood centres, could in fact have been made by children”.

With the life long commitment to ensuring positive outcomes for children in our care, we set about creating a global certification system that can assess a brand's supply chain and certify products and manufacturers as child labor free. 

Our Mission

We believe that consumers and companies around the world can work together to create significant change, making a difference in the lives of children and the communities they live in.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create and experience a world free from child labor.  We all know child labor should not exist.  Child Labor Free believes in a strong holistic approach to this complex issue. We all play a part in the solution.  

Our Values

Flipping the convention in social marketing from eradication or "blaming and shaming" to a positive movement of consumer led demand.


  • To use the power of consumer demand to positively influence the issue of child labor.

  • Transform consumerism
    into social currency

  • A world where children can be free to be children.

  • Give companies and consumers around the world the opportunity to positively impact the issue of child labor, through simply choosing the global symbol of child labor free.


Our Team

Our team are a group of individuals who are both highly skilled and determined to change the future for child laborers around the world.

We work with a wide variety of international experts including Ernst & Young, Saatchi & Saatchi and DLA Piper, all who have helped establish our processes and business model.  We have engaged global leaders in social and ethical compliance to conduct rigorous audits and reports, collaborating with experts in our field.

We are committed to working with NGO's, industry groups and local communities to ensure the work we do to combat child labor is effective and sustainable. 


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