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Every child has a right to a childhood. Millions of children world-wide are being denied this right. It's time to make some changes. The power to change lies with consumers.  

The global supply chains that produce and deliver our products are complex.  Where complexity lies, so does the risk.   There needs to be greater transparency.  Child Labor Free work with brands and businesses to review their supply chains, create transparency and accredit their products and services.

Products certified with the Child Labor Free mark provides assurance that brands carrying that mark are committed to operating ethically and ensuring their business is free of child labor.

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Child Labor Free provides a globally recognised mark of certainty. You can now choose to buy Child Labor Free.

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UNICEF estimates that 150 million children worldwide are engaged in child labor.

While there has been growing discussion around the issue in the media and amongst consumers, to date there has still been very little tangible progress made. It is our belief that if we are to make a real impact on the issue we need to work with brands to create a positive movement of consumer led demand. In the same was that we have come to expect ‘cruelty free’ as an industry standard in beauty products or actively seek out ‘organic’ or ‘free range’ produce in the supermarkets, we believe ‘Child Labor Free’ needs to become a globally recognised standard.

Child Labor Free believes in a strong holistic approach to this complex issue.  We shift the conversation from naming and blaming to a journey of transparency to drive meaningful change.  Developing ethical supply chains, making ethical purchase decisions, telling a story of transparency and providing support to communities transitioning away from labor that exploits children.  

We all play a part in the solution.